The Cathedral of Kelemvor


This has always been a powerful church in Waterdeep, but not well liked. The clerics tend to be standoffish, curt, and a little creepy. The clerics of Kelemvor are responsible for the City of the Dead in Waterdeep as well as dealing with all the unclaimed dead in the city.

This church would rather spend its efforts constructing ‘more productive items’. They have always been the least supportive of the churches of the wand creation program.

The high priest of the Cathedral of Kelemvor is Embryl Aloustinai, human female wizard 5th/cleric 9th. However she is rarely available and most day to day business is left to Ike Iverson, a human male 7th level cleric. He seems aloof and unconcerned about the lack of protection for the city. He views the festival as a waste of time and does not mind telling the PC’s as much. He is haughty, disdainful, and does not think the PC’s are important enough to spend even 5 minutes answering their questions.

The Cathedral of Kelemvor

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