Church of Tyr in Waterdeep


Building Description:

Its white marble walls suffused with veins of vivid blue stand in stark contrast to the wood and stone buildings that surround it on the street. A pair of whit marble statues depicting armored warriors stand on either side of the temples heavy oak doors. Above the door’s arch are boldly inscribed the following words in common: WITHIN LAW LIES HOPE.

The previous high priest, Sarcem, knew he could not craft enough wands to save the city from the coming floods, so he collected what funds he could ( mostly from his own church, but some gathered from the other churches). He kept the wand shortage as low key as possible and set out for Baldur’s Gate to purchase or commission as many wands as he could. It was a long task and he put Jenya in charge as acting high priest until he returned. He sadly was killed at an inn outside of town before help could arrive.

With the loss of Sarcem, Jenya Urikas has become the new high priestess. Her subordinates include 2 – 3rd level clerics, 2 – 2nd level clerics, and 4 –1st level clerics. The temple also has a 4th level paladin named Alek Tercival. He is currently away from the city on a mission.

Because of the help the PC’s have given the church, the group can return here for healing from the clerics for free. In addition, they can purchase potions and scrolls for a 20% discount. There is a 100% – 10% per spell level of having the requested item in inventory. If they wish to purchase multiples of an item roll a 1d4 to determine how many they have in stock.

Church of Tyr in Waterdeep

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