"... the City of Splendors serves as the Gateway to the North, accessible by road, ship, Underdark passage, or magic portal. Almost anything can be bought, sold, or found in its thriving markets and long-forgotten dungeons. Most adventurers worth their salt eventually make their way to Waterdeep in search of excitement, danger, or great reqard. The trick is surviving and thriving in the grandest city of Faerun." City of Splendors – Waterdeep

Disclaimer: While we do play in the 'Realms', currently in and around Waterdeep, events might deviate farther and wider from the Realms time line. We are currently playing in the Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR) and events so far are pretty close to the time line 'canon'. Beware all ye who enter, things might not be what they seem….

Guys' Night Campaign

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