Guys' Night Campaign

Shooting Baboons in an Atrium

The story begins in the Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR). Our intrepid band has been adventuring for the better part of the year and have began to make a name for themselves in the North. It has been an eventful year so far – the City of Shade returning, and the reign of the Steel Regent beginning in Cormyr to name a couple of the happenings of the year. Little did the adventurers know that it was only they beginning.

While "The Furious Five" were relaxing at their favorite Festhall – The Copper Cup – they begin to notice that the rainy season began earlier than usual and they start hearing the local old timers talk of not seeing the tide rise like this in as long as they can remember. As they investigate further they realize that this is just not natural something , or someone is affecting the weather in Waterdeep.

They discover a couple of clues or rumors. First, someone has began trading in odd currency. Second, the local wildlife has been riled up recently, in particular was an influx of hostile,lowland baboons have moved into the area. (Very strange) They discover a little more about the origins of the Hightide Festival in town and decide to approach the 4 churches who originally saved the town.

The only one who is open to them is the Church of Tyr. Jenya Urikas as priestess of Tyr asks for the party's help in rescuing her mentor and High Priest, Sarcem Delasharn who went to get the wands that the town needs to hold back the tide and flood. They travel to the Lucky Monkey in about a half of days travel from Waterdeep on the Northeast road.

When they arrive they find that a massacre has taken place and the in overrun by thugs and bandits. As they approach stealthy and survey the surroundings they discover a grisly sight behind the inn at the treeline of forest surrounding the inn. The ruffians have carelessly piled the bodies of about 15 humanoids outside and a pair of dinosaurs are feasting on the remains. Corwin manages to subdue the savage beasts and they return to eating.

They find a broken window and decide to enter the inn. They find themselves in a private dining area along with a male and female bandit in somewhat of a compromising position. Needless to say they were easily subdued. They soon cleared the majority of the bottom floor with a flanking maneuver. They only left the kitchen area where Tongueater had made his lair.

The party moved upstairs and quickly routed the bandits upstairs as well. While upstairs they took out the wild baboons in they atrium. When they chose to fire down on the primates from above, the spirit shaman replied that, "It will be as easy as shooting baboons in an atrium." It was and soon they confronted Tongueater and 3 more baboons. Luckily they were able to surprise Tongueater before he was ready to face them, and they ended his brief reign of terror.

They then move to the basement and subdued 4 more thugs, and rescued Shensen Agrivar. They found the remains of Sarcem, but no wands.

When they returned to Waterdeep they discussed the possibility of taking over the inn and refurbishing it to provide them some additional income.

I will flesh out more details in the days ahead. Feel free to add to the log if you remember any points you wish to be recorded.


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