Worrik Barbora

Fighter thief with some orcish blood; former "business partner" of Carril Byndraeth


Worrik Barbora was a former business associate of the crime lord Carril Bydraeth. The two had a falling out, but Worrik knew about some of Carril’s vast treasures. For many years after Carril’s death, Worrik continued to search for treasure and stalk his widow, Brianne Byndraeth. Worrik may have been the most persistent treasure hunter to scavange the Bydraeth estate, because he knew there was some truth to rumors that pockets of vast wealth were scattered around the area.

When Brianne Byndraeth enlisted the aid of the Furious Five to uncover some of the treasure, Worrik was close behind, and almost killed Brianne and attempted to trap the adventures inside a magical painting in order to claim the treasure for himself.

They managed to escape his trap and bring him to justice, taking his magical battle axe as a prize in the process. He escaped from the guard detail sent to take him to prison, however, and has sworn revenge on the Furious Five.

The party later discovered that his beloved axe was actually a cursed axe of delusion, and though it seemed extremely powerful, it was no better than a mudane axe one could purchase for a few gold. Worrik still wants it back, though, as he is still under the cursed items delusion.


Worrik Barbora

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