Shensen Agrivar

She has long silver hair, dusky skin, and is nimble and athletic.


Bard 1/Druid 3/Monk 1


She was the caretaker of the chapel in the Lucky Monkey. The characters rescued her when they liberated the Inn from the were-baboon 'Toungeater'. She hopes to return to her duties there under the new owners. She worships Selune and is also a Harper agent in the vicinity of Waterdeep.

As a token of her appriciation, she has given each member of the party a Travel Cloak.

Shensen has been appointed by the Furious Five as the manager of the Lucky Monkey. She is responsible for all staffing, money management, marketing, scheduling of entertainment, and other local affairs (including assisting with local families that were impacted by the massacre at the Lucky Monkey.) She has negotiated herself a salary of one-sixth of the profits.

Shensen Agrivar

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