Mug Foamfist

Magically metal-studded tankard, possessed by the spirit of the dwarven barkeep Mug Foamfist.


Before Mug’s spirit possessed The Battle Tankard, it was a respectable magic item of its own right, created by a dwarven craftsman long since forgotten. Masterfully constructed out of solid adamantine (Hardness 20, 40 hp, 1000 gp value), it has five studs protruding from its sides. (Treat as a Masterwork weapon, +1 to hit, and +1 damage from the studs, similar to a studded gauntlet.) The Battle Tankard has two inherent magical effects:

(1) Similar to an “Infinite Scroll Case,” the tankard has a series of extra-dimensional spaces where it can store 50 potions. Each can be accessed in a single move action by simply commanding the appropriate liquid to be made available. If care is not taken to wash between uses, there is a 1 in 20 chance that different potions may cause unexpected effects when mixed. (2800 gp value, +1 ego)

(2) In addition, like an “Everful Mug”, the tankard can create a variety of beverages on command. This power is somewhat more sophisticated than a typical “Everful Mug”, creating varieties of drink of better quality than normal (including temperature, spices, flavorings, etc.). (Now that there is actual intelligence behind the conjuration, the quality is enhanced further by Mug’s own drink mixing skills.) There is no limit to the number of drinks that can be conjured, although they must be drunken directly from the tankard, and Mug will stop serving when he thinks the possessor has had enough. (Similar to the cantrip “Create Drink”, 1000 gp value, +1 ego)

Now that Mug’s spirit has taken up residence in the Battle Tankard, it has been imbued with the following additional attributes and abilities:

(3) Mug has maintained his Neutral Good alignment. He can speak both Common and Dwarf, but usually so softly that only the possessor can hear him. Mug has an Intelligence of 10, a Wisdom of 16, a Charisma of 14, and can sense his environment out to 30 ft. (4000 gp value, +5 ego)

(4) Mug has retained a shadow of his former skills, including 5 ranks in Sense Motive (+8 total), and 5 ranks in craft (Mixing Drinks) +5 bonus. (5000 gp value, +2 ego)

(5) Spending one standard action “talking things over” with Mug has the effect of a Guidance Spell, resulting in a +1 on a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check taken within the next minute. (Decided during the consultation.) These is available an unlimited number of times per day, at Mug’s discretion. (1000 gp value, +1 ego)

(6) Mug doesn’t make his own spot or listen checks per se, but does provide the benefit similar to the Awareness feat (+2 spot and listen) to his possessor, just from “watching his back” and shouting warnings as needed. (1000 gp, +1 ego)

(7) Three times per day Mug can evoke an empathy effect, which lasts for 9 minutes. During that time he can sense the surface emotions in all creatures within 30 feet. This includes basic needs, drives, and moods. (e.g, Thirst, hunger, fear, fatigue, pain, rage, hatred, uncertainty, curiosity, friendliness, etc.) This effect could allow a +2 insight bonus on any bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, or sense motive check that he (or his possessor) makes during the effect. (Empathy, 1200 gp value, +1 ego)

(8) Once per day Mug can plant a “suggestion” influencing one target. This is a language-dependent suggestion consisting of a sentence or two. The influence lasts for nine hours or until the suggestion is complete, and can be resisted with a Will save (DC 14). (Suggestion, 2400 gp value, +1 ego)

(19400 gp total, Ego 13)


Mug Foamfist was a hearty and kind dwarf who managed and kept bar at a popular tavern in Westgate. “The Bloody Bottle” had a reputation as one of the few taverns in town where the city’s many shady characters feared to tread. When troubles did arise, they usually ended quickly—the instigator waking up hours later, with (often permanent) welts and throbbing aches from the beating delivered by Mug’s infamous “Battle Tankard”—a studded adamantine cup. Understandably, The Bloody Bottle became a favored stop of adventurers, including a few Harpers. Mug was always good for a laugh, a word of advice, and something to help you forget the cold world outside his door.

After several years of escalating threats and hostilities towards Mug and his establishment, an organization known as the Night Masks dealt the final blow. In a carefully coordinated assault they boarded up the tavern and burnt it to the ground, killing everyone inside—including Mug. What happened next was as much a mystery to Mug as everyone else. Somehow, as he lay barely conscious behind his bar clutching his “Battle Tankard,” his soul became tangled with the magic of the mug. In the decades that have followed, Mug Foamfist and the Battle Tankard have been one and the same. His memories of his own death are vague, and he has lost most of his wish for revenge—his greatest lingering desire is to help those who are in pain, and to punish those who cause it.

Most of the details of his former life are forgotten, just a few names and faces, a few good recipes, a listening ear, and more than his share of old dwarven idioms and proverbs. (e.g., “Chins without beards deserve no honor—that’s what I say. —and the ice is on me.”) Mug find his fate is outrageously funny, musing “If there is one thing I know well, it’s spirits.” Since his death he is uncomfortable around open flame. His responses range from doggedly urging caution, to withdrawing into an unresponsive state. A couple of times Mug has had screaming fits, reliving some forgotten memory.

Corwin recently became acquainted with Mug while assisting Lady Brianne Byndraeth recover her late husband’s secret treasure hoard. Cowin and Mug quickly formed a close kinship. Corwin now considers Mug to be his closest friend, traveling companion, and adviser.

Mug Foamfist

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