Jenya Urikas

Brown eyes and hair. She is only 5’4” tall, but walks tall and confronts evil with merciless resolve.


LN 9th level cleric of Tyr, and High Priestess of Tyr in Waterdeep

Important equipment:

Sword of Justice: +1 holy sword, can cast divination once a week. It is also the badge of office for the High Priest/Priestess of Tyr in Waterdeep.


Jenya is 25 years old, and likes to wear her hair in elaborate styles. Her good nature belies her fierce convictions, for example she freely supports capital punishment for despicable crimes.

Her rich brown hair is already beginning to show the signs of being prematurely streaked with grey.

Recently promoted to High Priestess after the death of Sarcem. Fate has thrust her into a position she does not feel ready for, but with the strength of Tyr she will carry on.

Jenya Urikas

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