Corwin Crimsguard

It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend, one's present or future thirst, the excellence of the wine, or any other reason.


Corwin Crimsguard


Corwin was born to Denton and Faye Crimsquard in Alaghôn , the capital of Turmish. A prominent priest of Tyr, Denton had high expectations of his son becoming a paladin. He proudly named his son Corwin after the great paladin hero that ended the reign of the dragon Anaglathos . Corwin, from his youth, had an unquenchable chaotic streak that infuriated his father. Dalen, Corwin’s younger brother, although very close to Corwin, followed the path of the paladin of Tyr. Although Corwin didn’t have the physical endurance (or the wisdom) of his younger brother, he possessed a certain athletic genius and a knack for picking up a wide variety of skills.

As he matured, Corwin became increasingly disillusioned with the government and the church. His father’s constant crusades to hunt down “cults” and their “puppet leaders” seemed to ignore some of the obvious problems that caused so much suffering in Turmish: poverty, crime, corruption.

At the age of 15, Corwin attended his first midsummer “Feast of the Moon” festival [see Turmish, festivals]. There he shared a strange sweet drink with a beautiful masked woman named “Kleio.” Corwin was immediately enthralled. She persuaded him to use his connections to divert his father’s attention from pursuing a cult hidden within the misty Dancing Forest, instead funding a school for orphans.

Over the next few month’s Corwin would regularly meet in secret with Kleio. Each time she would appear wearing a mask representing a different animal. Each time, she would share some of her intoxicating sweet wine. Each time she had another legally questionable mission of goodwill for Corwin.

Kleio explained to Corwin that he had a special connection with the moon since birth and possessed a special destiny. She taught him the words and gestures to invoke a magical calm over animals [See feat, Born under a gibbous moon,]. That one spell has saved him several times during Kleio’s increasingly illegal missions.

In hopes of pleasing this mysterious woman, Corwin formed an “Oblation Ensconcement Service.” He offered his services to help wealthy townsfolk bury their treasure in safe places, well hidden from gold-diggers [see Turmish, customs]. Leaning on his father reputation, Corwin acquired several clients. Rather than bury their treasure he “redistributed” it to those that needed it most (including a few gems for himself). Eventually he was discovered, disowned by his father, and imprisoned.

He spent a year in the Alaghôn city prison doing hard labor. While imprisioned he became close friends with several members of the local thieves’ guild. Corwin quickly learned the arts of his new friends. Together they orchestrated a masterful prison break. Unfortunately four guards (including a childhood friend of Corwin) were killed in the escape.

As he fled Turmish, he visited Kleio one last time. He begged her to join him as he would never be able to return. She was touched but explained that he had to find his destiny before they could be together. She gave him a book magically filled with endless information to aid him in his travels [see the Tome of Worldly Memory]. She removed her mask to kiss him farewell. The next thing he remembers is waking up on a trading ship headed to The Vast.

As Corwin stepped off the vessel to begin his new life, he immediately noticed a smooth pale stone glinting in the sand. The stone had markings of a religion he was unfamiliar with— Selûne [see Moon Mote]. He picked up the stone as a good omen and continued on his quest to find his special destiny, vowing someday to return to find Kleio.

In the years since, Corwin has met a wide variety of shady characters, loose women, and ruffians. He has had more than one brush with the law, has stolen and spent/disturbed several small fortunes, and developed a rather serious drinking problem. Still no drink satisfies the way Kleio’s sweet wine did . . . like strawberries, cherries, and an angel’s kiss in Spring.

Corwin has recently taken up residence in the small villa of TreeFall, just outside Waterdeep. There he, and the rest of the Furious Five, have assumed control over a large tavern/inn the Lucky Monkey. A permanent residence, in addition to these new found friendships, have provided some modest stability in his otherwise downward, self-destructive spiral. (At least a consistent place to crash after latenight benders.)

A few weeks ago, in preparation for an expedition to Undermountain Corwin took upon himself the task of acquiring a map for the party. He returned the next morning badly beaten but triumphant—map in hand. Although he refused to go into the details, the rest of the party has gathered that he won the map in a game of chance, but the owner refused to deliver. In the end Corwin bested the owner in an epic-scale barroom brawl. (Other sources suggest that Corwin actually lost the brawl, and simply broke into the owner’s home and took the map later that night.)

In any case, that event has had a profound effect on his fighting style. He hasn’t used his rapier since—muttering something about it betraying him. From that day his new philosophy has been: “The best weapon is never in your scabbard… People spend a lifetime refining fencing technique, but how do you parry a chair?”

Recently Corwin’s life has taken a surprising twist when he stumbled across his younger brother, Dalen, on assignment from the Church of Tyr. Dalen had been accompanying a caravan from Turmish to Waterdeep, when the caravan was attack and he was captured. The Furious Five managed to rescue the group. Dalen reminded Corwin (repeatedly) of his father’s continued enmity towards him, but also delivered to him a wineflask filled with a magical liquid, from “someone in Turmish” who still cares for him. Once he took a single sip, he could not resist consuming the entire flask, overwhelmed with a flood of wonderful memories of his lost love.

Corwin recently became acquainted with Mug Foamfist while assisting Lady Brianne Byndraeth recover her late husband’s secret treasure hoard. Not surprisingly Cowin and Mug quickly formed a close kinship. Corwin now considers Mug to be his closest friend, traveling companion, adviser, and frequently favored weapon.

The days following Shihoz’s ignominious defeat at the hands of the Furious Five, left Corwin wandering the streets of Waterdeep with more wealth then he could imagine spending, yet more empty than ever before. Delving into Shihoz’s layer, Corwin had made a new friend in the half-mad fallen Purple Dragon Knight, Scarso. This encounter with Scarso was a foreboding glimpse into his own future, should he never find meaning and direction in his life. As if to drive the message home, Scarso was tragically crushed to death with Shihoz’s Amber Golem final blow.

Brooding over the sudden death of his new friend, the loss of his homeland, and a general sense of dissatisfaction and remorse, he found himself (as he often did) drinking himself into oblivion at the first bar that hadn’t banned him. (Corwin does have a bit of a reputation—as a “Drunken Master” every drink increases his strength but decreases his intelligence and wisdom.)
It might have been a dream. Corwin was face down in a puddle and couldn’t move. Maybe it was blood, drool, or alcohol. It seemed like an equal chance at all three. The ground felt cool to his cheek. A woman knelt over him, and whispered into his ear “Corwin Crimsguard, you have been Called. Turn to the moon and it will bring in you a new dawn.” She rolled him onto his back, and kissed him. The smell of her filled his dreams with Strawberries, Cherries, Angels, and Spring.

Upon waking Corwin discovered he’d been robbed. Thousands of gold pieces and his precious magical tricorn hat had been taken. It wasn’t until later than morning, as he was lamenting his hat, screaming and threatening local Waterdeep lowlife in a hangover-enhanced rage, that he remembered the woman. Mid-assault, he dropped a frightened minstrel and walked home without another word.

Corwin felt certain that the woman who had visited him had been Kleio. Putting on his old, ratty, non-magical tricorn felt better than anything he had ever done in his life. Back at the Lucky Monkey he spoke at length with Mug and consulted the book Kleio had given him years earlier. Still at a loss, he returned to meet his companions in Waterdeep where they had been busy spending their fortunes.

Along the way, he found himself fingering (as he often did) the mysterious stone he found on the shores of the Vast. He stopped walking, pondering the strange markings on the stone. Looking up he saw a beautiful gilt-domed temple, bearing identical markings in the tympanum, surrounded by symbols marking each phase of the moon. He remembered the words of the woman the night before “Turn to the moon . . .” Corwin fell to his knees and wept, thinking of all the moments of his life that had led him to this point: The “Feast of the Moon” where he had first met Kleio, finding the “Moonmote” on the Shores of the Vast, Mug’s gentle positive influence—bringing out the best in him, even his own birth “under a gibbous moon.”

When a pair of acolyte priestess emerged from the House of the Moon to offer him assistance, Corwin struggled to his feet, and insisted on meeting his destiny under his own power. Within a few minutes he had found audience with the Naneatha Suaril, the High Moonlight of Selune in Waterdeep. She simply smiled in silence as he blubbered through his tale. Finally at the end of his confession, she spoke with a glint in her eye, “Corwin, I can’t answer your questions about the woman you saw, but one thing is certain—You have been Called. You must work out for yourself how you will right these wrongs and how you will reverence Our Lady Silver. As you do, you will always be welcome here.”

Begging for further purification, Naneatha led him to another chamber where he underwent an atonement ritual (changing his alignment from CN to CG). He thought of his stolen hat, smiled, and made a vow to never again be a slave to worldly goods. (Feat: Vow of Poverty) Leaving the temple Corwin felt like an entirely new man.

He found each person he had threatened that morning, apologized and gave them each 100 gp. Still with massive amounts of treasure, Corwin visited his brother Dalen, still at Waterdeep on errand for the Church of Tyr in Turmish. At the conclusion of their joyous reunion, Corwin gave him 47,640 to pay for the resurrection of the four guards that were slain as Corwin escaped the Alaghôn city prison. The fund included enough to give them each 1000 gp to help them begin their life anew. He then commissioned clerics to resurrect Shiva and Father Mercer, the two leaders of the Company of the Cross and Skull that were accidentally slain by the Furious Five. He gave them each 1000 gp, and invited them (without checking with Bren first), to join the growing Company of the Raven if they desired.

Finally, he commissioned the resurrection of his short-time friend Scarso. Knowing there might be complications between Bren and Scarso over the magic sword “Sagol Ahteen,” Corwin never let the two meet. He explained that the sword was simply “beyond recovery.” Corwin gave almost all of his possessions to Scarso, including Mug Foamfist, with a special charge that he trust Mug and consult him before making any major decision. (This included: Mug Foamfist, the Battle Tankard (with a Crystal of illumination), boots of spring and striding, a traveling cloak, a cloak of resistance +4, a mithril chain shirt +2 with a lesser Crystal of arrow deflection, Vest of escape and resistance +1, Ring of might, Belt of ultimate athleticism, and Strong arm bracers.)

Corwin sent Scarso back to Cormyr where he could hopefully reclaim his sanity and rebuild his life. The separation of these three friends was not easy, but Mug was satisfied that he had helped Corwin all he could, and now had a new project in Scarso.

As he continued to fulfill his vow, Corwin gave Shensen his Earring of communication, returned his Harper Pin (being careful not to rebuff the Harpers themselves), and in a moment of philanthropic zeal gave her his full share of the ownership of the Lucky Monkey (with no attention to whether or not it was his to give). He returned to Khelben Blackstaff his magically good aligned chair legs. To Nathandia he gave his Goggles of Minute Seeing (assuming she wants them).

Unwilling to completely part with the book given to him by Kleio, Corwin made it a permanent addition to the Boonbag, available to any member of the party who needs it. Finally, he took the smooth stone that he found on the shores of the Vast, and threw it into Waterdeep harbor, praying it might wash up on another beach and lead another wandering soul to the Lady of Silver.

Afraid of seeming too self-righteous to the rest of the party, Corwin has dropped several hints that this whole “Vow of Poverty” thing is really just an elaborate excuse to avoid having to take a turn carrying the Boonbag.

Corwin Crimsguard

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