Brianne Byndraeth

Widow of Crimelord Carril Byndraeth


Lady of Treefall and an influential figure in Waterdeep, as well, Brianne Byndraeth is the widow of the late Crimelord Carril Byndraeth. Their estate is near the Lucky Monkey. Brianne made a recent introduction to the party when she saw them in the marketplace of Waterdeep. She enlisted their aid locating some of the famed hidden treasure of her late husband. Despite being a powerful sorceress, she was almost killed in the adventure when the party woke several ivory construct guardians that proved powerful and immune to her magic. She was subsequently attacked by a fighter thief with orcish blood named Worrik Barbora, hoping to claim the treasure the party was recovering.

She was saved by the adventures, who she repaid by providing them the magical items they had found during their explorations of her estate, and by teleporting them to the Warlock’s Crypt in a later quest.

She spends much of her time in Waterdeep still, and has given the party a promise that they may have a right of first refusal to purchase her property should she ever sell. Currently she is less inclined to do so, but there was a time when she was short on money that she was seriously considering liquidating some of her assets.

She has also granted the Company of the Raven, Bren’s followers, use of the outer buildings of her estate for shelter and training in exchange for their services in security and maintainence of her land.


Brianne Byndraeth

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