Artor Mortis

High level powerful vampire who is "huge is waterdeep"


Artor Mortis is a powerful vampire who considers Waterdeep his turf. He was vexed slightly by the arrival of Taro and Karlor, who were engaged in vampiric activities without being a part of his conclave. Artor was pleased when Gofaur rid him of Taro, and the Gofarian and the rest of the Furious Five took care of Karlor.

He made an unannounced visit to the Lucky Monkey one evening and gave the party their first clues about the existence of a second karma orb and encouraged them to visit Larloch in the Warlock’s Crypt and plead for passage to Mechanus to find the orb.

Artor is also known for a very creepy and yet catchy song he likes to sing.

In a later adventure, the party followed up on the lead Artor gave them and were able to recover the second karma orb from the treasure vault of a possessed Formian queen.


Artor Mortis

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