Escaped Slave from Thay


Zola was being transported to the surface after being sold as a slave in Skullport, when her party was attacked by Karlor and his vampire spawn. Zola escaped and made her way to the entry way of the Yawning Portal, where she could hear music in the distance, but could not understand how to be extracted from Undermountain. The Furious Five used magic to communicate with her, and hear her story. They paid for her extraction, and had Tranden (and a drooling Zylo) escort her back to the Lucky Monkey. There she has been temporarily put on staff as a chambermaid, but recently Tranden persuaded her that she can earn money much more quickly dancing at some of his performances. Her first few attempts have been very well received, particularly by the men in the audience.

At one point she was quite interested in Bren. He rebuffed her advances, however, and encouraged her to get to know Alexander better. Alexander was happy to spend some time with the beautiful dancer, and despite the language barrier they seem to have become friends.



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