Caroline Johannson and Gabac

Distraught mother, whose child was stolen by a goblin to be sold as a slave in Skullport


Caroline approached the party at the Yawning Portal and petitioned them to rescue her baby who had disappeared the night before. She suspected a goblin had taken the baby into Undermountain. The party found the baby, unresponsive but alive, caged in the slave auction pits of Skullport. The party bribed the auctioneer to take the baby and did what they could to help. The party was able to return the baby to its mother before any lasting damage was done.

Weeks after the ordeal, you received word that Caroline and her husband had named the baby Gofarian Alexander Bren Ailyn Corwin Johannson. They call him Gabac for short.


Caroline Johannson and Gabac

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