Mysterious cleric of Mask


The Furious Five encountered Elkrom in the streets of SkullPort. He was foiled by the Harper pins when he tried to probe the parties’ minds—but somehow still gained information about Alexander identity. He seems to have more information about Alexander’s bloodline, but was more interested in taking him captive than swapping stories. If the party hadn’t fled when they did, he would have made escape very difficult for the party.

He is undoubtedly concocting some plan to hunt the party down right now.

Elkrom sent some other mindflayer that the party never apprehended to try to capture Alexander shortly after the party’s return to Treefall. The mindflayer assailant assumed the guise of one of the Pyrettes, and led the party into a particularly dangerous and well planned trap. They managed to escape with their lives, and save a few of the slaves that were being tortured by the mindflayer, including Corwin’s brother Dalen, but the mindflayer escaped and is surely not going to give up, considering the lengths it went to in its deceit and attack.



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