The Pyrettes (aka "Sisters-in-Sune")

Six redheaded adventurers famous for their beauty, their heroics, and their penchant for pyrotechnics


The Pyrettes


The Pyretttes are a quickly rising star among adventuring parties working out of Waterdeep. Their deeds are sung by bards throughout the region. They have captured the attention of the noble class, the affections of the working class, and hearts of many local men.
Recently they returned from a very lucrative exploration of undermountain.

  • Kenna Ross, a Paladin of Sune and a Kensai is the leader of the group. Her signature weapon is a flaming bastard sword named Edan.
  • Edana Starfire, is an elven druid and master shapechanger. In any form however, she can enshroud herself with flames.
  • “Phoenix” Ember is a Teifling from the distant land of Thay. She is a rogue and sorceress, but loves nothing more that alchemist’s fire.
  • Rowen Cinnabar carries a flaming whip, and is rumored to have singlehandedly killed a hallway full of bugbears by breathing fire.
  • Lehavit Eldr is a sorceress who is so fascinated by fire magic, some say she is part fire elemental.
  • Kenna recently recruited her sister Sunel, the party’s youngest and newest member. She is an unicorn-riding, axe-throwing ranger. “Bulan”, her unicorn, has been her constant companion since her youth. Upon her initiation into the party, Kenna presented Sunel a magic bag from which she can pull balls of fire.

The Pyrettes have enjoyed considerable popularity with the local bards of Waterdeep. Some of the most requested songs honoring them include:

  • “Chaotic Game” by the human minstrel/monk, Christophorus Isaak the Hymnist
  • “Short Skirt, Long Hauberk” by the Famous Dwarven Troubadour, Johan McCrea
  • “Waterdeep Woman” by the Master Herald Sir Leonardo Kravitz
  • The Pyrettes (aka "Sisters-in-Sune")

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