Petra and Cole Jenkins

Star-crossed lovers and current owners of "Perkins Produce"


After Petra’s father, Oakley, fell victim to the Curse of Carril’s Luck Gem, he killed his wife and Petra’s sister Sally. The Furious Five slew Oakley, rescuing Petra. They persuaded her boyfriend Cole Jenkins to surrender the Gem back to the town. Upon surrendering the gem Cole experienced several days of extreme bad luck, almost killing him. Petra nursed him back to health and they were married shortly afterwards. They now operate Perkin’s Produce—which is doing very well (of course, this is due to the influence of the gem more than their actual business savvy.)

Born under the influence of Carril’s luck charm, both have been blessed with more than their fair share of genetic advantages: vigorous health, intelligence, and shocking good looks. However “wisdom” does not come so easily.


Petra and Cole Jenkins

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