Alexander Eidolon




Eldritch Blast; Spiderwalk; Shattering Word (aka Baleful Utterance); Eldritch Spear or Darkness (currently debating my newest invoc.)

Key Equipment:

Gloves of Eldritch Admixture; Mithril Armor; Ring of Protection; Amulet of Natural Armor; Walking Staff with Concealed Spearhead, Concealed Sword Blade, and a Crystal of Permanent Light


Family legends suggest that Alexander’s direct ancestor, a mighty ruler named Jonathan, bargained with a demonic force to bring his wife back to life after she took a poisoned dagger intended for him in an assassination attempt. Details of the story are lost to antiquity, but some accounts suggest that Jonathan betrayed the demon, and others suggest the demon tricked him in some way, perhaps by replacing Jonathan’s true love with a demon woman in disguise. There are also discrepancies about the woman Jonathan risked so much to save, suggesting she may have been a lover and not his wife.

Alexander trusts his ancestor Jonathan was in the right, though he, like others of his lineage, have been kept in the dark about much of their past in an effort to thwart necromancers and agents of the demonic forces who continue to hunt down and slaughter descendants of the Eidolon line, wanting retribution from the descendants who only exist because Jonathan cheated death to rescue the woman he loved. There are forces in this dark battle who believe only by killing off the remainder of the family line will death and justice be satisfied and balance be restored.

Consequently, the Eidolon family members have little contact or knowledge of one another for their own safety. Alexander was raised in an orphanage in Waterdeep, though he believes much of his family still lives and wants any information he can find about his parents and any siblings he may have, living or dead.

Alexander discovered his innate magical gifts at a young age, and wonders what they may reveal about his family and the conflicting accounts of his ancestry.

Alexander is good at heart, though he does have a tendency to be ambitious, selfish, conceited, and interested in the rewards and women he gets out of being the hero. In that sense, though chaotic-good in nature, he can sometimes appear to his friends as something of a morally ambiguous figure, who they suspect will come through to help them out in the end, but they never can be sure until he does [think Han Solo in A New Hope].

Alexander Eidolon

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