Bren Cormaeril

A native of Cormyr and Purple Dragon Knight - one of the elite protectors of his homeland


Male Human(Chondathan) Ftr4/Rgr1/Prp2/LgTa3; Medium Humanoid (human)


Bren was born to loving parents (Beliard and Rayanna) who welcomed his birth into their home in Northern Cormyr. They were minor nobility (Cormaeril) with some ties to the royal family. His mother was a scout for the Purple Dragon Army and his father was a purple dragon knight, which is how they met. After his birth his mother ‘semi retired’ from military life in order to raise him. Still though, Bren was raised in a military household where loyalty to the crown and obeying its laws were not only expected but also required.

His father was always loyal to king and country, even though an event that happened before he was born caused many extended members of his father’s family to face exile and those who stayed – like his father – to face distrust by the majority of the Cormyte nobility. However, the king never seemed to doubt his father’s loyalty (he later found that his father, Beliard, was King Azoun’s illegitimate son), which caused many to revile his father even more. Bren later learned that the majority of his father’s family had been involved with a powerful guild of assassins (the Fire Knives) and had participated in the assassination of another noble (the Cormaeril family made up a good portion of the Fire Knives in Cormyr at that time) .

With his father gone with the army for long periods of time, it fell to his mother to defend their holdings from the denizens of the Stonelands – namely goblins, and orcs. Bren often went out with his mother and retainers on patrol. One time when he was eleven years old his mother split the party and Bren had wanted to stay with this one instead of going with his mother and the other group. The patrol he was accompanying was wiped out by an ambush by an unusually large contingent of goblins that caught the group unawares. With the whole party slaughtered, the party leader’s final act of his life saved Bren by holding back the flood of goblins while the young boy escaped and hid. The rescue party found him two days later. Because of that, he learned at an early age to despise the goblin hordes, and at the first opportunity he studied with the rangers in his parents household (1 level of ranger) to better able to hunt down and destroy the vermin that ravaged the countryside of his home.

When he was 12 the Tuigan Horde invaded the civilized lands of Faerun, and he was sent to live with family in Daggerdale. His mother left retirement to go with his father and the King’s army in an attempt to stop the Horde. His parents knew that Daggerdale was undergoing a civil war but wanted him to be with family (His Father’s mother was Silver Morn Cormaeril, Randal Morn’s sister. While in Daggerdale his grandmother explained his heritage to him. She came to Comyr at 18 and while there met the young Price Azoun. She knew of his reputation as a womanizer, but became involved in a short romance. She was the last of Azoun’s ‘wild oats’, shortly after that he married Filfaeril and settled down. When Silver found herself expecting she met a young noble from the Cormaeril House that loved her and was willing and able to claim the child as his own.) They knew that he would be protected and cared for no matter the political upheaval.

While in the Dalelands he fell into Randal Morn’s (the rightful ruler) guerrilla fighters opposing the Zhenterim’s invasion of Daggerdale and used his ranger skills to help his kinsmen. In 1360 DR the Horde was stopped, and his mother returned – however his father did not. He died as a result of wounds he received while fighting an allied warlord of the Khan. He received his father’s sword (w/ crystal), as well as the sword of the defeated warlord (+1 Saber) when his mother returned.

After the war Bren’s mother returned to the Family holdings in Northern Cormyr and formed the Red Ravens, a mercenary company made up of veterans his parents fought along side of in the campaign. The King has agreed to keep them on retainer with the stated purpose of cleaning out the Stonelands to the North. They have been moderately successful in their goal, but it is still far from a safe territory. They are noted for their honesty and trustworthiness. He rode with the Ravens until he was old enough to enlist in the army of Cormyr, the Purple Dragons (1 level of fighter).

He enlisted under an alias (Rayannason) so he could disassociate himself from his family’s exploits, both good and bad, as he wants to prove himself on his own merits. He has served for almost 3 years and has proven himself a true and loyal soldier as well as a capable warrior. Not many knew of his linage when he enlisted, but it will only be a matter of time until he begins using his true name.

In the beginning of 1372 he received orders to operate detached from the regular military (This could still be the reasoning behind him being outside of the normal military hierarchy. Along with his promotion he could be asked to investigate any threat that goes along with your plot points.). The Steel Regent has asked for loyal soldiers to leave the borders of Cormyr and travel throughout Faerun gathering information and searching for hidden enemies who wish to the Forest Kingdom harm while it is in its currently weakened state. In his travels he has fallen in with quite a motley bunch of characters; a half drunk swashbuckler from Turmish, an elf with a unique fighting style that – as far as he can tell from his mother’s stories – is vaguely reminiscent of the east, a magic-user who uses it totally different than the war wizards in his home country, and a Rashemen healer on some sort of quest who supposedly sees and speaks to spirits.

The recent past has seen a lot of changes for Bren. The adventuring band he fell in with has since saved Waterdeep from a mysterious flood, and settled in the small village of Treefall, outside Waterdeep. They recently took ownership of an inn in the small village. It has provided an additional source of income and a headquarters of sorts for the party.

Bren received a visit from Vanderghast and a mission to protect the infant king from an assassination attempt. As a result Bren was promoted to the rank of Purple Dragon Knight. In conjunction with these events Bren also took over leadership of The Order of Cross and Skull, a small organization dedicated to hunting down and destroying undead. He has since paid for and built them barracks on the outskirts of the inn’s land in Treefall.

The original members of the group that chose to follow Bren were 15 and one cohort, now as the Order and the Five gain in reputation, it has more than doubled in number to 35. Especially after The Furious Five’s winning of the Boonbag at the Yawning Portal.

Time has passed and the Order has changed it’s name to the Order of the Raven. It has also grown in size exponentially, now numbering 131 and his cohort Karina. It maintains law and order in Treefall and it’s environs as well as being constantly on the lookout for undead. They have outgrown the barracks at the Inn and have since moved to the Byndrath Estate as per the agreement made with Lady Byndrath after the Five helped recover her husbands lost treasure.

Bren Cormaeril

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