Guys' Night Campaign

Tying up loose ends & homage to a Vampire Lord

The Furious Fab Five took some time off after their latest dungeon delving adventure to rest recuperate and spend some hard earned cash.

While Ailyn, Alexander, Bren, & Gofarian were off enjoying the City of Splendors Corwin was spending the time soul-searching and reflecting on his path in life. Set to meet up on day 5 in front of the Temple of Tyr in Waterdeep, Corwin was a day late. To the rest of the parties surprise he no longer sporting his magic items and confessed to the group that he had had a “spiritual” awakening and had taken a Vow of Poverty at the Temple of Selune. While this sudden change of heart concerned his friends and was sure to draw many questions in the future Corwin asked for their help as he continued to right wrongs that he felt he had committed. The first task for the group was to recover the bodies of Shiva and Father Mercer for resurrection. A priest at the Temple of Tyr gave a “work order” to the Five and they left for the graveyard.

They arrived at the care takers shack just as the sun was setting. The surely old care taker was unhappy about having to open the gates to the cemetery so close to dark. Muttering under his breath he pointed the party to a pile of shovels and handed them a tattered old map with the grave locations of the two deceased that were listed on the order. The party quickly left the gate behind in search of the graves. Eventually they found what they were looking for. While they discussed the best way to exhume the bodies without getting themselves and their new gear dirty they were attacked by some of the residents of the grave yard. True to the songs being sung by the local bards the party quickly returned the undead to death. Then utilizing some of their parties magic, quickly exhumed the corpses and carted them back to Tyr’s Temple. After having returned the shovels more or less intact (Corwin ingeniously used some mummy wrappings to repair the shovel he had broken in the fight), to the care taker.

While recovering the bodies, a priest of Tyr had taken the opportunity to resurrect Scarso whom Corwin had recovered from Shihoz’s lair. Corwin presented Scarso with his best friend “Mug” and provided him with new (to him) armor to replace the items he had lost after his death. Scarso was relieved that his sword had found worthy hands to wield it in battle and wished Bren the best of luck with it. Of course this is the edited version of their conversation. The longer version contains extended episodes of psychotic screaming and incoherent mumblings. They left Scarso to his broken thoughts and waited outside another room while a Priest resurrected Shiva and Father Mercer. After breaking the news of their death and eventual return to life, the five spoke with Mercer and Shiva, making amends and even giving them positions in Bren’s growing horde. Having completed these tasks the Five returned home. Corwin gave his share of The Lucky Monkey to Shensen Agrivar to complete his Vow of Poverty.
Shield guardian
The Furious Five took care of the Luck Stone burying it in a secret location while placing fakes in it’s stead to mislead any would be thieves. One stone was placed in the Statue, while another was placed in the Paintings Vault and the real stone was placed with it’s counterpart in the void box and buried hundreds of feet down under a flag stone. With the success of the Luck Monkey and knowing of some new real estate having come on the market they decided to branch out and open “Shihoz’s Palace”, this themed based fun park and bistro is named to honor the smashing great time they had at Shihoz’s expense. This also gives them the opportunity to spread Bren’s forces out a bit. Lastly they put the Shield Guardian to good use spinning signs “Little Caesar Style” to promote the Lucky Monkey and draw in more customers.



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