Guys' Night Campaign

There and back again

A dungeon delver's holiday

The luck of the hamlet of TreeFall dramatically changed in the days that followed. Business was booming around town, including The Lucky Monkey which was finally making a profit. Petra and Cole Jenkins were married and took control of “Perkins Produce” down the street. The locals were fast becoming friends of the party, as well as regular customers.

Father Duvall (with the support of several other locals) petitioned the party to protect the Luck Stone in the atrium of the Lucky Monkey, allowing them to still benefit while providing protection from a similar incident reoccurring. The party reluctantly agreed.

Both Vangerdahast of Cormyr and Meerthan Eliothlorn of the Harpers offered bits of wisdom and well-wishing as the Furious Five prepared to find what destiny had waiting for them below the streets of Waterdeep. Corwin acquired a map to the fabled town of Skullport, but has divulged little of the story of how he got it. (Other than the more obvious bruises he could not conceal.)

Finally the Furious Five made their triumphant appearance at the Yawning Portal accompanied by Tranden and Zylo. Jenya tried to talk them out of their folly. The owner of the place, Durnan, lent the party Moxie—his magical folding boat, taken from the Boonbag, his own personal collection of adventuring gear. As Durnan was auctioning off this coveted collection of curiosities, the party resolved to beat of the Pyrettes, who currently held the winning bid.

The party was approached by Caroline, a weeping mother, whose infant son was taken the night before. She suspected the baby was stolen by goblins and taken into the Undermountain (through one of the many other entrances.)

The Yawning Portal

Tranden performed one of his ballads about the Furious Five as Durnan explained the rules, collected the entry fee, and lowered the party into the well.

Immediately upon reaching the ground they were approached by a woman. Zola was a slave from Thay whose band was attacked by vampires. She had been trapped for the past couple of days, able to hear the music above, but unable to communicate with anyone or understand how the hoist system worked. The party found magical means to communicate with her, gave her a note instructing Tranden and Zylo to escort her back to the Lucky Monkey, and helped her with the hoist fee.

After perusing the graffiti that lined the walls of the entry well, the party moved onward, carefully following their map. They had a variety of encounters along the way, including dead magic regions, animated caryatid columns, acquired a mostly-spent nonmagical blue candle. They encountered Dorn, Grim, and Malvar, three brothers who had set up something of a trading post in Undermountain. They wrestled with a Gelatinous Cube, a pack of wereboars, and a mysterious black curtain.

Eventually the party found its way to Zola’s camp, and decided to take a detour from their map. They followed the trail of blood further into the cave, arriving at the ornately decorated lair of Karlor, the vampire. In the brief parley that followed, Gofarian learned that his uncle Gofaur had a student named Taro, another Blade Singer. Taro fell victim to a vampire. When Gofaur learned this terrible truth, he felt it was his obligation, both to Taro and those whom Taro threatened with his Blade Singer skills, to hunt him down and finish him. Gofaur succeeded. In the final moments of the battle, Karlor (one of Taro’s thralls) took his fallen master’s sword, Raki, and used its last wish to banish Gofaur. He is not sure what happened to Gofaur, but he was confident that he would “never be vexed by him”, (as per the wording of his wish). ( This was approximately the same time Lysara, another one of Taro’s thralls stole the Lantern of Marloc and tried to escape.) Gofaur disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Karlor soon discovered that what Gofaur began, Gofarian would finish.

The party slew Karlor, his three Thralls, and another one of Karlor multi-armed corpse creations. Gofarian claimed Taro’s magical katana and several tomes on the art of the Blade Singer—a few of which were penned by his own Uncle.

The party continued on their quest, descending to the second level. In one chamber the party was surrounded by the shadowy spirits of lost adventurers. Ailyn chastised the spirits to protect the party, then defaced the hypnotic symbol that held the spirits captive. Hundreds of deceased adventurers whose souls were bound to that chamber are now in his debt. (The party as well—-anyone who gazed upon that symbol had it etched into their soul. Upon their death, their soul would return to the wander those halls.)

Ailyn’s aid proved critical once more when the party encounter a mud-filled pit filled with hostile mud elementals. A single word of chastisement from the Spirit Shaman banished the elementals destroyed the elementals. The party also encountered a Goblin which had been maliciously polymorphed into a kolbold. He guided the party to the portal underneath the mud, in exchange for assistance recovering a magic helmet. Unfortunately for Menok, the moment Bren discovered he was actually a goblin, their negotiation came to an abrupt (and brutal) end.
Following the portal to the third level the party unfolded and boarded the Moxie, and set out rowing upstream on the Sargouth river. They passed through the Vipergate, sped past a fortress full of orcs, and narrowly avoided an encounter with an army of kolbolds and eye tyrants. At long last, the Furious Five found their way to the gloomy docks of Skullport.

Protected by their well-hidden Harper pins, the Furious Five briefly explored the city. The party found the slave auctions, and was able to bribe one of the slavers into letting them have a sick, unresponsive, but alive human infant without waiting for the formal auction. They discovered that Menok, the goblin they encountered earlier had in fact kidnapped the child in the first place, and sold him to the slavers.

Their most helpful guide was Hatspur, a charismatic priest of Cyric. He was able to direct the party to Sir Gareth Cormaeril and Elkrom.

After finding his office, the party literally stumbled into Sir Gareth. Gorfarian’s quick wit saved Corwin’s almost bungled attempt at planting Vangerdahast’s tracking pin. Sir Gareth’s genteel demeanor barely concealed his frustration and suspicion at the party’s presence in Skullport.

Alexander hoped that Elkrom, a mindflayer and priest of Mask, could shed some additional light on Kezef and his own family history. Elkrom gave no direct information, but his actions spoke loudly. Somehow Elkrom was able to discern who Alexander was, and recognized what valuable bargaining chip possessing an Eidolon would be. He immediately attempted to capture Alexander, starting a exciting (but very loosely detailed) chase through the streets of Skullport, a frantic launch of the Moxie, and a narrow escape through a special hidden hoist to a cave on the coast near Waterdeep.

Rushing back to the Yawning Portal, the Furious Five placed the winning bid on Durnan’s Boonbag by negotiating the Lantern of Marloc as part of the bid. They returned the infant (later named Gabac) to his grateful mother. The Furious Five’s triumphant return represented a significant upset in the betting pools, as a lot of money changed hands towards those who bet against the odds that the party could make it to Skullport and back. Although no formal encounter has yet been had, the gauntlet was thrown down, when the Pyrettes did the Furious Five the backhanded honor of burning their party insignia into the lawn of the Lucky Monkey. (A slap in the face, but it certainly did boost business.)


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There and back again

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