Guys' Night Campaign

Demons and Diapers

Meeting the Neighbors

A streak of bad luck settled on the small villa of TreeFall on the outskirts of Waterdeep. Despite the generous conciliatory efforts of the Furious Five, business at the Lucky Monkey was still slow. The weather was miserable. The price of vegetables had skyrocketed. Rumors of bandits were common. People were disappearing. Shensen, the Lucky Monkey’s general manager, had not been seen for days. Despite the Furious Five’s recent heroics, the locals seemed to be intoxicated with the exploits of a relatively new group of heroes in Waterdeep, the Pyrettes. Carnivorous Cal suggested switching to an all meat menu—perhaps with mock-vegetables composed of died meat patties. Again the party squashes Cal’s suggestion.

Gofarian’s research into the vampire duchess Lysara led him to rumors of a single extremely powerful vampire located in Waterdeep, Artor. Artor considers the entire city of Waterdeep his personal hunting ground. Even more interesting, a cabal of vampires have recently moved into town (in the last year or so) and begun a feud with Artor. Presumably, Lysara was (and Karlor is) a part of this group. The leader of this group is said to have a distinctively Eastern-style of combining both sword and magic.

Alexander discovered that Kezef, the Chaos Hound, is no minor demon dog—in fact the greater deity of Tyr, “the maimed god”, lost his right hand from an encounter with Kezef. Ailyn discovered some unsettling information as well. Tipped off when he noticed how his spirit guide’s shunned Alexander, Ailyn realized that somehow Alexander’s spirit and his body are misaligned. Almost like the disconnection when a body and soul are separated through death—they part ways. Somehow his soul and body seem disconnected, yet still travel together. It is as if Alexander doesn’t have “fate’s” permission to be alive. Ailyn explained to Alexander what he saw, but was at a loss of how to explain it. Alexander offered some clues from his own history, but still none can interpret Ailyns’s observations, or explain their implications.

Bren, anxious for promotion to a Purple Dragon Knight, sent a messenger to Cormyr asking permission to return and report. Before the messenger could have possibly arrived however, Vangerdahast, the Royal Mage of Cormyr made a surprise visit to the Lucky Monkey. He summoned Bren and his comrades to appear in the royal palace in Suzail.

Early the next morning the party and Vangerdahast gathered in the private quarters of the Lucky Monkey and teleported across the continent, directly into the Royal Palace. The wizard explained the normal pomp and circumstance accompanying a knighting ceremony was going to be forgone, due to a special secret mission the Steel Regent had for Bren.

As Bren went through ritual cleansing a prayer in preparation for the ceremony, the rest of the party was welcomed to discreetly explore the city. After being properly registered and peacebonded, the party hit the local market and filled their bags of holding with fresh vegetables. The picked up an application for the Society of Stalwart Adventurers (the application fee is 1000 gp). Ailyn also unsuccessfully sought spirit guidance from other local spirit shamans.

Bren’s ceremony was only attended by Vangerdahast, Alusair the Steel Regent, and the infant King Azoun V. Even Bren’s mother—still in active service as the leader of the Red Ravens was not able to make an appearance. The ceremony, although fulfillment of a lifelong passion for Bren, was unremarkable for the rest of the party. Bren was promoted to SwordCaptain, the first officer rank of the Purple Dragons, received his White War Coat, and received an extensive discourse on the Code of the Purple Dragons.

After the ceremony, the Steel Regent explained that they are concerned about a possible assassination attempt on the King—he has reached the same age as his uncle Foril, who was assassinated by Fire Knives. Bren was charged with taking the king and returning to Waterdeep to watch over him for 48 hours, until the danger had passed and the traitors could be routed out. The rest of the party was sworn to protect the king with their lives as well. The parties’ Harper pins helped to establish their integrity. (The party also learned that Bren’s connection to the king was much closer than they had every imagined.)

Moments after returning to the Lucky Monkey, they realized the inn was under attack. Two hideous spiny creatures were attacking customers and help staff below. Bren stayed upstairs to protect the king, while the rest of the party ran down to attack the creatures. In the process of dispatching the creatures, Alexander nearly killed one the customers with a stray eldritch blast. The bodies dissolved into sticky puddles on the floor.

Outside, the party heard a scream from the market square and sent Zylo to investigate. Zylo returned to report blood near the fountain. In the morning, the party decided to split up and investigate what was happening in the town.

The Furious Five decided to concoct a story about an out-of-town girl dropping the baby off on the door step and allow Corwin and Alexander to aggressively deny fatherly responsibilities, while Bren nobly cared for the bastard child while his parentage was sorted out.

TreeFall’s self-appointed patron saint is the deceased Carril Byndraeth—a major crime lord in Waterdeep. The center of town had a fountain statue of him with one foot on a black dragon, and holding up a large glowing crystal.St carril

They met Oakley Perkins, the owner of the local vegetable market, and the father to Sally, the young girl killed the night before. His wife Karen, and older daughter Petra were not available for comment, although the party did catch a glimpse of Petra, and noticed a bruise on her cheek.

A farmer, Fredrick Wilson, invited the Furious Five to join the men of the town in a late-night hunt to search for bandits/monsters. The party volunteered to coordinate the hunt from the Lucky Monkey. Later they spoke with the local Priest of Tyr, Father DuVall, who invited them to a night time vigil to pray for the town’s protection. Bethany, the oldest resident and town gossip, filled the party in on much of the town’s history and current residents.

The party tried, unsuccessfully, to find Cole Jenkins, the boy most of the town thought was responsible for the bandit activity. His father was frustrated to find that he was not as “grounded” as he had intended.

Talking to Zylo, the party discovered that he had met Cole (one of his friends) the night before, and had never actually made it to the town square before running back to the Lucky Monkey in fear.

That night the party, including Bren with the king strapped to his back, rallied the monster hunt at the Lucky Monkey. Suddenly, as the sun set, most of the men from the town turned into the same sort of spiny monsters that had appeared in the inn the night before. The party was forced to cut through their own neighbors to protect themselves and the king.

They rescued Petra from her father, who had also turned into a monster and killed his wife. (He had also killed Sally the night before.) Petra ran off to meet Cole. The party found the church surrounded by creatures, and climbed the rear chapel wall to get in. Father Duvall asked the party to help retrieve the journal of Jerimond, (Carril’s mage), which was rumored to be stored underneath the statue in the center of town. Corwin distracted the creatures long enough for the party to retrieve the documents. DuVall was then able to help explain what was happening.

Years ago, Carril removed the eye from a black dragon and had his mage Jerimond craft it into a powerful luck charm. This charm was responsible for his massive fortune (which is still rumored to be hidden somewhere in his estate where even his widow, Brianne, has not been able to find it). What Carril did not anticipate was the extreme misfortune that he would suffer the minute he lent the charm to another. The black dragon, it turns out, had not been killed, and found that moment for revenge.

Jerimond took the charm and enchanted it to benefit the whole region. He built the memorial fountain in the center of town and placed the charm there. In the 20 years since, the TreeFall area has been extremely prosperous. Bountiful crops, fantastic weather, lucrative business, and beautiful children were all commonplace in TreeFall.

The party discovered that the gem had been replaced with a replica, enchanted with illumination and nothing more. Unless the original stone was returned, for the next 20 years TreeFall would be cursed with terrible luck —- including suffering nightly visits from Mathorns, the spiny monsters into which the long-term residents of the village kept transforming. The journals also explained where Jerimond’s personal stash of treasure was hidden in the Byndraeth estate.

On a hunch, the party picked up Petra’s trail, and followed it straight to Jerimond’s tower. There they encountered Cole, his buddies, and Petra herself. Petra begged for mercy, explaining that she and Cole had just wanted to run away together, and had stolen the gem from the town square to help finance their flight. Most of the teens were easily subdued, but Cole’s miraculous luck would have allowed him to get away, had the party not persuaded him that his thievery had caused the very suffering he was running from. He surrendered.

Cole climbed the fountain and replaced the stone, but immediately slipped and broke his leg. Wet and cold, he caught a sickness that would have killed him had it not been for Father Duvall’s mercy and Petra’s constant care.

Now that luck was once more protecting the town, the party returned home. There they found the Company of the Cross and Skull aggressively positioned outside the Lucky Monkey. Their 9-fingered leader explained that they had been hired by Darrin Bleth, a Fire Knife, to attack the party. Darrin somehow knew about Bren’s secret charge. The party convinced the Company of the Cross and Skull to work with them, and pretend to battle while they, the Furious Five, attempted to ambush Darrin. The plan, however, didn’t work as well as they had hoped. In the end, the leader of the Company of the Cross and Skull took the poisoned dagger meant for Bren. The Company made the killing blow and dispatched the invisible Fire Knife as he tried to tumble away.

Bren discovered that the Fire Knife had been working with Sir Gareth Cormaeril, a distant relative. They also found Shensen. She had locked herself into a storage closet when she discovered she was one of the monsters, and was happy to be rescued once the ordeal was over.

Vangerdahast returned to take the child. He thanked the party for their service, giving Bren a Purple Dragon Ring, and paying the rest of the party handsomely. They discovered that the child they had been protecting was not the king, but was another child in disguise. They entire ploy was staged to lure Sir Gareth into making a move against the crown—a trap which he fell into easily.

For a variety of reasons, the Furious Five have decided to venture to Undermountain. Bren’s new orders are to hunt down Sir Gareth in his secret office in Skullport, and bring him to justice. Alexander discovered that there is a cult in the same town that may have more information about the legendary hound, and the interest it may have in his family. Gofarian found evidence that the cabal of vampires he is looking for has been operating out of Undermountain. Aiyln had a dream suggesting that the Yawning Portal is part of his spirit quest.

Tranden, the senior stable hand and regular evening entertainment, has done his best to introduce songs featuring the adventures of the Furious Five, but the crowds still demand ballads about the Pyrettes. Recently the Pyrettes returned from a quest in Undermountain themselves. Apparently they discovered a new branch of the cave, slew a dragon, and claimed the most lucrative treasure haul coming from the Undermountain in years.



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