Guys' Night Campaign

An Underground Amusement Park

Another possible business venture?

While making plans to refurbish the inn, the party becomes allies of the Harper’s. For saving the life of the Harper agent at the inn they received Traveling Cloaks and Lesser Harper Pins. The storms around Waterdeep are still raging and the water level is still rising. Jenya asks them to find the missing wands to save the city; she casts a divination spell to assist the heroes in their search. They also begin their own search and soon find rumors of the red haired lady,Triel, being a city guard about 10 years ago. She was released because of her violent temper and disappeared. While exploring leads around the city they eventually make contact with a petty thief and fence named Artus Shemwick. He contacted them through a note given to the party’s warlock, Alexander. He gave them the entrance location, and information that she had joined with two others and they plan to ransom the wands back to Waterdeep for a fortune.

The party heads underground through an old lava tube and soon find themselves overlooking an expansive cavern filled with the ancient ruins of a forgotten race. The ruins are stable but look as if stout Dwarven designs were allowed to partially melt. This was not caused by some cataclysmic accident but by design of the builders. At the end of the tunnel they find a small overlook to the cavern with a guard/winch room for the tram correcting the overlook to the rest of the ruins on the beach below. After disposing of the guard detail they make their way down by various means. The Warlock spider climbs down; the swashbuckler and thief do fancy rope work to descend and the rest take the tram down. Several of the more business minded members of the party, flush with excitement from the Inn Renovation thought that they could turn this next conquest into an underground amusement park.

They quickly discovered the ruins were trapped and made their way inside watching for traps in every room. They discovered several more thugs and thieves like they encountered at the inn. As they worked their way through the ruins they found Triel and her two partners had divided the compound into three areas. They encountered Triel first, then Tarkilar, another evil priest who became a huecuva as a result of a botched magic experiment.

After defeating two bad guys the group was pretty exhausted so they barricaded themselves in a cavern and rested for the night.

Part Two

The group found the treasure room guarded by two dwarven Spawn of Kyuss. The fear effect of the Spawn scared several members of the party, but they managed to overcome and get a nice treasure. They then moved into the southernmost part of the ruins and into Skaven’s portion of the fortress.

They also discovered a huge room that had been a workshop of some kind. There was residual magic connected to the Conjuration, Abjuration, and Necromancy schools in the room as well.

Skaven had a particular fondness for spiders and their ilk, and as such there were plenty of spiders (both living and undead) as well as ettercaps to deal with. His favorite pet though was a Harpoon Spider the party found him in the Spiders lair and made short work of Skaven and his pet. All along the way they managed to recover all the wands that were made for the city.

They quickly made their way back to the city and managed to save the city. Jenya paid them their reward and they managed to sell their treasure and valuables off, with the help of Alexander’s nice merchantile knowledge and their new fence Artus they made quite a tidy profit.



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